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Dr. Peter Venkman Shirt

A t-shirt that is designed to look like Dr. Peter Venkman’s jumpsuit goes for $25 at 80’s tees. Who you gonna call? In the dark, the green slime on this Venkman shirt eerily glows. It is a t-shirt that simply says “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” [via Geekologie] How OMG


Microwave Popcorn Popper

I’ve always liked microwave popcorn, but sometimes those bought off-the-shelf are too salty or buttery. Now with this microwave popcorn popper you can have your popcorn the way you’ve always wanted. The design also makes it looks like you’re doing a fun experiment each time you create popcorn. [via Uncrate]


USB Beer Drive

Here’s something I found at OhGizmo. It’s a USB drive from Budweiser filled with liquid that looks like beer. I wonder if it’s really beer… anyway it’s an amazing idea!


Fisher Price Little People Toys Hobbies

Whilst my main hobby is Scooters – I though it was time I told my reader an embarrassing secret that I have kept hidden for years… I Collect Fisher Price Little people! Yes before you ask – I do know they are toys meant for children, but to my defense I have