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7 Reasons Why Vespas Are Cool, Man.

Do you have any doubt that you should love your Vespa? Don’t give it a second thought! These scooters are cooler than a cat sipping iced chai tea with a lemon twist. They were built by a bike-hater, and after all these years they are still easy to love. 1.    Vespas Feel


How to Clean Your Scooter with a Hand Held Vacuum

Ok so your probably don’t expect a post on handheld vacuums at but bear with me. My Vespa scooter will generally get a good clean every week but i find it really hard to clean the inside chamber and inside the seat. It got me thinking that maybe i could use


9 Epic Vespa Failures

Vespa scooters are great fun to ride but sometimes these two wheeled vehicles can be a little hard to handle. We have trawled the web to find 9 of the biggest Vespa epic failures. 1. News Reporter Tracy Butler Crashes a Vespa 2. Clowning around with your Vespa can sometimes hurt Before:


10 Geekiest Scooters

Here are 10 of the geekiest scooters you’ll see in a while… More information: How OMG