Do loud exhaust pipes save lives?

A friend of mine beleives that having a “busted” exhaust pipe means he is safer on the roads. I totally disagree with him Loud pipes DO NOT save lives..Consider this..if you are beside or behind the loud pipes you hear them, but when coming at them from the front you do not as the sound is going out the back and side, so since they are talking about cages hearing them when travelling those that turn in front of us etc. do NOT hear those pipes so it is of no value as a safety issue..
IMHO if you want safety then wear bright flourescent riding gear so that more people are able to see you..I purchased a Nolan bright yellow helmet and gloves, then the other day a flourescent yellow riding suit and now the helmet and gloves look very dull, but you can be seen..add running lights to front and just be very aware of where you are..
This time of year watch out for deer..On the computer this am there was a woman killed in Roanoke in a cage when a deer ran into the side of another car and was thrown onto the hood of her car and went through the windshield..her mother was ok but she died and was also not wearing her seat belt when the car flipped..her mother was..So just be careful and try and be as “bright” as you can be

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