Potipot Island

Potipot is an island off the shore of Candelaria in Zambales. The island is a very small patch of land with white sand and surrounded by gentle waters. It is easily reached by a 5-hour drive and a 5-minute boat trip from mainland Zambales.

Getting There By Bus

Take a Victory Liner Bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Zambales at the Pasay, EspaΓ±a or Caloocan terminal. Ask the conductor to drop you at Dawal in Uacon in Candelaria. Call the Victory Liner office to ask for the specific route and for the last departure time.

Driving To Potipot

From Balintawak, Quezon City take the North Luzon Expressway, exit at San Fernando and drive towards Olongapo City. Enter SBMA and exit at the Kalaklan gate. Go straight to the town of Castillejos until the San Narciso junction. Turn right at the San Narciso junction to enter the town proper and then pass by the towns San Felipe, Cabangan, Iba and Masinloc. After Masinloc head to Candelaria but use the national road instead of heading to the town proper. Along the national road you’ll see the signs of Dawal, Sunbloom and other resorts of Uacon.

Google Map

Use the map below to trace the road leading to Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales.

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There are no permanent structures at Potipot for overnight accomodations. You could either pitch tents or stay at the mainland’s beach resorts if you plan to stay in Zambales for the night:

Sunbloom Resort
mobile: 0916-543-9709

Dawal Resort
mobile: 0919-5730952/0920-6651577

Isla Vista Resort
mobile: 0919-244-9084

Best Time To Go

The best time of the year to go would either be the very start of the summer months and early June.

The months of April and May are peak seasons, it will be very difficult to book rooms and the island is very crowded during this time.

Things To Bring and Do

It tends to be very hot in the island during noon and early afternoon. Bring lots of drinking water, cap or sarong and sunblock.

Though there are trees with branches extending to the water that give shade, bring a tent if you are staying in the island for the night.

If you plan on chillin’ out by the shore, bring a hammock, books or magazines, playing cards, frisbees, an iPod and speakers (though we don’t highly suggest this since it might bug other people).

Potipot is also an excellent skimboarding destination. The almost powdery sand allows the skimboard to glide smoothly along the shore.

Though there are no swanky hotels, restaurants and fruit shake stands, Potipot is the next best thing to Boracay on this part of Luzon.

You can hang out, relax in peace, walk along the shore (and around the island for less than an hour!) and plainly enjoy the company of your friends.


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