Vespa Wiring Diagrams

Has anyone ever tried to find Vespa wiring diagrams on the net recently?

Its a nightmare!

So I have set about to try and alleviate this by rounding up as many diagrams as I could find and make them available on this post.

This post will be updated on a regular basis so make sure to bookmark it.

If you need any specific diagrams – please state which diagram you require in the comments below.

I will try my best to track down that specific diagram for you.

Here are some PDF wiring diagrams

Model: Vespa P200e (VSX1T)

Model: Vespa P200e (prior to frame number 34627)

Model: Vespa Rally 200

Model: 150 Super, Vespa 90, Primavera (Between 1975-1976) 1975-1976 Models

Model: Before 1973 – Vespa Super, Sprint and Veloce 1973 vespa wiring diagram

Model: Post 1973 – Vespa 90 & 125 Primavera: Vespa 90 and 125 primavera

Model: Between 1968-1972 – Vespa 90 & 125 Super: 1968 -1972 wiring diagram

Here are JPG Image Wiring Diagrams

Model: Vespa Rally 200 MOD

Vespa wiring diagram vespa rally 200 vse1


Model: Vespa 150 GS VS2

Vespa gs150 vs4 vs5 wiring diagram

Model: Series VS4 – Vespa 150

Vespa gs150 vs4 vs5 wiring diagram

Model: Vespa 160 GS series 1

Vespa wiring diagram gs vsb11

Model: Vespa 160 GS series 2


Model: Super Sport Vespa 180


Model: Vespa 150 Super VCB1


Model: Vespa 50 V5A1 (1960’s version with no coil)


Model: Vespa 50 electric start


Model: Vespa GS160 and SS180


I hope that these wiring diagrams help you out in your time of need.

I will be adding to this as soon as more come my way and if you know of some other sources for Vespa wiring diagrams. Let us know in the comments area!


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